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Living in Sydney? If you are interested in French language and French culture, this is the right spot for you!



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What is my level?

Before you attend your first class, we recommend you undertake a free test so that we can place you in the course that is most relevant to your needs. Alternatively, you can check our beginner syllabus, elementary syllabus, and intermediate syllabus.


The test is made of a 15-minute online multiple-choice quiz that can be found on the Oxford University Language Centre websitefollowed by a 10-minute face to face conversation with a French teacher.




How long until I can express myself in French?

Everyone moves at a different pace, but it takes approximately 120 hours to be able to communicate with people in common and various situations. The more often you practice, the easier it gets. The key is to try and challenge yourself!


We recommend you listen to the radio, watch French movies, read French books or newspapers and overall, show interest in French culture. It is easier to take grip of a language when you know about its background and context.


No matter what your level is, plenty of resources are available on the Internet.


We also believe that learning a language is a lifetime process, as language evolves through time and is full of subtlety. There is always something new to learn and that’s the fun of it!



What resources would you recommend?

The Internet is overflowing with useful resources and we have selected for you some of the best websites to support you in your French adventure.

Educational websites for children:


BBC Primary French

Languages Online

Lexique FLE

Educational websites for teenagers:


BBC High school French

BBC HSC French

French news for advanced teens 

 Websites for adults:


BBC French beginners

BBC French intermediate

Le Point du FLE various resources



What if I miss a class or I want to cancel?

Please have a look at the Terms and Conditions section regarding this matter.