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Living in Sydney? If you are interested in French language and French culture, this is the right spot for you!


About Us

Marie is a French native teacher, born and raised in Paris. Holding a Master's Degree in Linguistics with French as a Second Language as an option from Sorbonne Nouvelle University. French language has (nearly!) no secret for her, and she likes to share her passion and curiosity for languages.


After teaching French at the University of British Columbia Okanagan in Canada, where she was in charge of conversation classes, grammar classes and regular French events, Marie decided to start a new adventure in Sydney, where she taught children, teenagers and adults at all levels, privately but also at Sydney Community College and City East Community College. 

Marie is the French cliché: she loves shopping, wine and cheese, however she is dead scared of frogs!


Her current domains of expertise are: French for adults and French for teenagers, including HSC and IB.



Nathalie is a native teacher of French who is accredited with the NSW Teachers Institute. She holds a Master's Degree in French literature and modern languages as well as a Diploma of Education from France. She spent several years teaching high school French to students in France and Germany. She also taught French to adults at the Centre de Linguistique Appliquée in Besançon and at the Alliance Française in Sydney.


She is also a trained French Linguistic Attachée from the CIEP and worked for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the course director of the French Cultural Centre in Amsterdam and the President of the jury for the TCF, DALF and DELF diplomas in the Netherlands. She also worked as a French language advisor and teachers trainer in Western Australia with the Education Department, the Association of Independent Schools, the Catholic Office, the Teachers of French Association, and the Alliance Française.


Nathalie is passionate about teaching practical French in a fun and relaxed, but also effective way. She loves meeting people from all horizons and sharing her knowledge of French culture.


Her current domains of expertise are: French for adults, travel French, business French, French for TCF, DELF and DALF.



Morgane is a French native teacher from Tahiti (French Polynesia) and  holds a Master's Degree in teaching French as a foreign language from Toulouse University. She has been teaching people of all ages since 2015, ranging from children to adults in multiple countries (United States, France, Australia), in schools and Alliances Françaises. Morgane is passionate and very involved in her lessons. She has a patient and caring nature which makes the students feel at ease and able to have fun whilst absorbing the French language. She is also very creative and likes to vary her teaching methods. For children, she uses activities such as games, stories, songs, painting or craft.


Morgane likes eating snails and listening to the original sountrack of " Amelie Poulain". She doesn't like red wine (" OMG" I know...) and being late.


Her current domains of expertise are: French for adults and French for kids (currently teaching the French Discovery and French Explorers courses).



Ophélie is a French native tutor from Paris. She tutored children in France for nearly a decade, and has been teaching children aged from 18 months to 10 years old in Sydney for 3 years.

She is very successful at teaching French to young children (French natives and non-natives), particularly babies and toddlers, through a kinesthetic approach to teaching. She develops the children's skills through singing, dancing, and craft activities.

She is a gifted and enthusiastic teacher with a warm and sweet personality. Children are instantly drawn to her! 


Her current domain of expertise is: French for kids (currently teaching the French Baby Steps).



Alix is a French native teacher. She holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK. She spent three years teaching French in high schools around Manchester. She travelled all the way to Sydney to keep doing what she loves: teaching adults and mostly kids the beautiful language that is French! She always tailors lessons to match the students’ needs in a fun and creative way. She looooves coffee, cheese, wine, books, music and cinema. 


Her current domains of expertise are: French for kids (currently teaching the French Discovery and French Club courses).


Aurélie is a French native teacher from La Rochelle. She hold a Master's Degree in teaching French as a Foreign Language from Lille University.  She has been teaching French in various countries since 2010.  She teaches a large range of students from kids to adults, and manages to create a comfortable learning experience thanks to enjoyable activities, games, songs, and fun facts about French culture. 
She loves travelling, coffee, cheese, wine and music. 

Her current domain of expertise at The French Spot is: French for teenagers (currently teaching  two Year 8 classes).


What is our method?

The French Spot touch is based on a strategy of teaching that stimulates all the skills necessary in the language acquisition process: listening, speaking, reading and writing. We favor a task-based approach where students collaboratively perform tasks within a socio-cultural environment. Interaction is key to learning and we believe a language revolves around its culture, that's why we aim at incorporating cultural content into our teaching activities. France is just around the corner!


The younger ones are also welcome to our language center. Game-based learning has proved to be the most effective way to learn a foreign language, so let's have fun in French!


The French Spot guarantees quality, availability and variety. Check our French courses section for more details about the classes available.