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Living in Sydney? If you are interested in French language and French culture, this is the right spot for you!


Kids Classes


The Kids Classes are the perfect place for your child to get exposed to a second language and another culture. The younger they learn, the easier it is to absorb the language! Emphasis is put on interaction and creativity so that the children are fully involved and constantly motivated. 


What will they learn? These classes offer an authentic and enjoyable immersion experience in a French environment. We keep our classes small to allow personalised attention and support to each child. Our energetic and enthusiastic teachers deliver structured quality classes tailored to each group. Through multidimensional teaching using the 5 senses, the children learn, see, hear, feel, and taste the language. 

The content of the classes will vary depending on the age, and therefore, the ability of the children.

For the youngest, basic topics will cover: colours, animals, food, seasons, clothes and elementary introductions.

For the oldest, topics will include (but not exclusively): numbers, introductions, animals, food, sport, likes and dislikes.


What do I need to bring? An A4 notebook and a small bottle of water.


Please note that all our classes are subject to change according to demand.

Want to enrol into this class?  Contact us!

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