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Living in Sydney? If you are interested in French language and French culture, this is the right spot for you!


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The French beginner course is divided into four main stages that include a total of 60 hours. 


This course is ideally designed for long-term learners. 


We allow a maximum of 8 students per class and a minimum of 4 students.


What will I learn? The idea is to build up a solid foundation in order to express yourself in basic and common situations.

  • In the first stage, you'll learn how to greet someone, introduce yourself or someone else, ask for and give personal information.
  • In the second stage, you'll learn how to talk about where you live, describe your family and friends and express your tastes, interests and hobbies.
  • In the third stage, you'll learn how to describe your habits, express time, talk about the weather and make purchases.
  • In the fourth stage, you'll learn how to order in a restaurant, talk about past and future events and talk about your experience and skills.

Check our syllabus to see in detail what is covered in each stage.


What do I need to bring? The book used for this level is Version Originale 1 Student's Book - A French course for English Speakers and has to be purchased prior to the first class.

The French Spot students can get a 10% discount from the library Abbey's Bookshop, 131 York Street in the City. Alternatively, the book can be purchased online on the book depository website.

Pens and pads are not provided. Smile is mandatory!


Please note that all our classes are subject to change according to demand.

Want to enrol into this class?  Contact us!

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